الهداية المباركة في خلق الملائكة         







Aarife-Billah Taajul-Ulama Badrul-Foqaha

Imamul-Awlia Ala’Hadrat Azeemul-Barkat Imam Ahmad Rida Al-Qaadiri Barkaati Muhaqqiq Bareillwi






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Name of Original Kitaab: Al HidayatulMubarakah fi-Khalaqil Malaa’ikah

Author: Aarife-Billah Taajul-Ulama Badrul-Foqaha Muhaqqiq-wa-Mujaddid Ala’Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Al-Qaadiri Barkaati Muhaddith Bareillwi t

Translator: Durwesh Abu-Muhammad Abdul-Haadi Al-Qaadiri


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treatise is dedicated

to the Beloved Mother of

Sayyiduna wa Habeebuna

Muhammadur-Rasoolullah e

 Ummul-Mustafa Sayyidah Tayyibah

Taahira Aamina


who was visited and saluted by all the Angels after the sacred

birth of her distinguished son e on 12th of Rabbi-un-Noor

in Makkah Mukarrama to celebrate and rejoice the

dignified Mouloodun-Nabi e with the Gracious 

Allah I and His entire creation. We salute

all those Angels  that were  present

and celebrated the Mouloodun-Nabi e 

at the time the Glorious Habeeb e was born.

We also salute the batches of 70,000 fortunate Angels

that are commissioned daily in 12 hour shifts to surround 

and cover the striking Green Dome

 (Qubbatul-Khadra) and Sacred

Roda Shareef and send

Salaams and Salutations

on the Beloved Habeeb e 

May the Merciful Lord I sanctify their Souls

Ameen Wal Hamdulillahi Rabbil Alameen was-Salaatu-

was-Salaamu ala Sayyidil-Mursaleen wa ala Malaikatil-Muqarribeen Wa Aalihi wa Ashaabihi wa

Ahle-Baitehi ajmaeen  



نحمده ونصلى على رسوله الكريم


Ala’Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Al-Qaadiri Barkaati Muhaddith Bareillwi’s t treatise, Al Hidayatul Mubarakah fi-Khalaqil Malaa’ikah, on the creation and death of Malaa’ikah (Angels) provides an extremely useful insight into the purpose of existence of Angels and of their fate towards the Final Hour.


The very creation and existence of Malaa’ikah have always intrigued and captivated the minds and thoughts of the young and the old. We have read about the army of Angels assisting the Holy Prophet e in the Battle of Badr, and we know about the Angels recording our every deed daily and we have also heard about the Angels that tear through the earth to question the deceased. But do we know what Angels are they created from, what do they look like, how do they spend their existence, or will they all die and perish, etc.? Does their existence affect us or not?


The Fountain of Knowledge, Ala’Hadrat Imam Ahmad Raza Al-Qaadiri Barkaati t has not only answered these questions concisely, but has revealed some extremely astounding and remarkable details about Angels that will certainly amaze the Muslims. It will also help man to come to terms with himself in relationship to such a glorious creation of Allah I. It will also help him understand his role as a creation of Allah I and assist him to tread the path of Islam with more consciousness and true spirituality.


With this in mind, therefore, we felt it necessary to translate this document written by the great Imam t into the English language due to the scarcity of authentic information on this subject and to clear any misconceptions. We hope that this treatise will fill the gap on this very important aspect of Islam. We also felt it important to provide our readers with a brief introduction of the beliefs that one should possess concerning Angels.


May Almighty Allah I grant us the understanding of His Deen and keep us amongst the pious. Aameen.


Durwesh Abu-Muhammad Abdul-Haadi







Muslims are ordered to testify on every Angel of Allah I. It is necessary too have Imaan on all the Angels of Allah I.


Angels are made of light and hence they can change themselves into any shape they like. They also have the power to transmute themselves into any form but they never do any such things knowingly or unknowingly, against the Command of Almighty Allah I. They are impeccable servants of Allah I, and are free from sins.


Every Angel has a separate assignment to accomplish. Some bring Wahi (Revelation) to Allah I to His Prophets. Some of them are responsible for rain while others are responsible for supplying provisions to worldly creatures. Some Angels shape faces inside the mothers’ wombs while some take care of the changes in human bodies. Some provide protection to living human beings from their enemies. Some Angels move about to attend gatherings and meetings held in the remembrance of Almighty Allah I and His Prophets.  Some are charged with maintaining the accounts of deeds of humans. Some Angels forward the Salutations and Greetings of Muslims to Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e while some assigned the job of blowing the decisive Soor (Trumpet) just before the Day of Judgment. There are many more things that the Angels do as their routine work. But in spite of their important assignments, Angels are mere creatures. It is blasphemy to regard them as eternal of creators. Angels have no gender and they are, therefore, neither male nor female.


There is no fixed number of Angels. It is the same as testifying

on all the Revealed Books and Prophets of Allah I. We know of four Prophets and their four Books, but this does not mean that we must only testify on the known. Imaan is to testify in all of them, be they known or unknown.  The same applies to the Angels. It is stated in the Hadith Shareef that there is not even a four finger spot in the skies in which the Angels are not in Sajdah. Now, you think how many Angels are there?  Allah I states:

و ما يعلم جنود ربّك إلا هو *

And no knows the army of your Lord, besides Him.

Almighty Allah I and His Beloved Habeeb e only know the exact numbers of Angels.


The four famous Angels are Sayyiduna Jibra’eel u, Sayyiduna Meeka’eel u, Sayyiduna Israfeel u and Sayyiduna Izra’eel u. Greetings of Allah I and blessing be unto all those Angels. These four Angels are superior to all other Angels. To show even the slightest contempt for them is strictly prohibited. Some people, out of joke, derision or sarcasm compare their enemies or the persons they hate to the Angels contemptuously and such words as “The Angel of Death has appeared” or “Izra’eel has appeared”. They do not know that the use of such words is tantamount to blasphemy.


Though great precautions have been taken in translating this book from the original Urdu text, which is generally a very difficult task, it is hoped that the present translation is free of errors. If there are any, then it is certainly not the errors of the original works of the Great Mujaddid t as his research is flawless. Please inform us of any errors.


Durwesh Abu-Muhammad Abdul-Haadi








لبسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

نحمده و نصلى على رسوله الكريم

و على  اله  و اصحابه  و اهل بيته  اجمعين


1.1 In the treatise Sha’bul Imam, Imam Bahiqi t reports a Hadith from Sayyiduna Jaabir t, in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated: “When Almighty Allah I created Sayyiduna Nabi Adam u and his progeny, the Angels remarked. “O Allah I! You have created such beings that eat and drink, cohabit and travel.  Make the world a place for their dwelling and let us be the inmates of the Hereafter.” The Most Revered Allah I Replied:

لا اجعل من خلقته بيدي و نفخت فيه من روحي كمن قلت له كن فكان *

I shall not make him who has been fashioned by My Power, and in whom I have bequeathed the spirit and then commanded, “Be!” and he became.


From this Hadith, one important fact emerges.  While the creation of man was effected through a gradual and systematic process, namely, the stage of dust, which was then shaped into a human form, and finally, the bequeathing of the soul in him.  Looking at it from another angle, first the stage of sperm, then a speck of blood which changed to a piece of meat, then the formation of limbs, which then took human shape, and finally, the soul been bequeathed. 


Angels, on the other hand, are created by the Supreme Command “Be” and they become, or they come into existence.

1.2 Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

خلقت الملائكة من نور و خلق الجان من نار و خلق آدم مما وصف لكم *

كما عندابن سعد عن ابى ذر رضى الله تعالى عنه عن النبي صلى الله تعالى عليه و سلم

 و هذا رواه امام احمد و مسلم عن ام المؤمنين رضى الله تعالى عنها

Angels are created from light.  The Jinn’s from fire containing smoke, and Sayyiduna Nabi Adam u from that already

 mentioned  to you.


(Namely black, white and red sand according to Sayyiduna Ibne-Sa’ad t who narrates from Sayyiduna Abu-Zar t who narrates from Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e. Imam Ahmed bin Hambal t  and Imam Muslim t  narrate from Ummul-Moh’mineen Sayyadah Ayesha Siddiqah t )


1.3 Sayyiduna Imam Abdur-Raz’zaaq t (Ustaaz of Imam Bukhari t) in his Musannaf narrates another Hadith Shareef from Sayyiduna Jaabir bin Abdullah t in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e is reported to have stated:

يا جابر ان الله تعالى قد خلق قبل الاشيآء نور نبيك من نوره (الى قوله) فلما اراد الله ان يخلق الخلق قسم ذالك النور اربعة اجزاء فخلق من الجزء الاول القلم ومن الثانى اللوح و من الثالث العرش ثم قسم رابع اربعة اجزاء فخلق من الاول حملة العرش و من الثانى الكرسى و من الثالث باقي الملائكة   الحديث *

O Jaabir! Most certainly Almighty Allah I Created the Noor (Light) of your Nabi before anything else.  Then, when He decided to create the world, He divided the Noor (light) of

your Nabi e into four portions.  From the first portion, He created the Qalam[1] of destiny, from the second, the Lohe-Mahfooz[2], from the third, the Divine portions. From the first portion, He created those Angels who are the bearers of the Arsh[3], from the second, the Divine Chair[4] and from the third, the rest of the Angels.


1.4 Allama Faasi t in his book “Mutaali-ul-Musarrat” under the discussion of Dala’il has recorded the following Hadith from Imam Ash’ari t who narrates,

التقدم من نور ضيائك ناقل قد قال الاشعرى انه تعالى نور ليس كلانوار و قال صلى الله تعالى عليه و سلم اول ما خلق الله نورى  و من نورى خلق كل شئى *

Verily, the Almighty Allah I is an Incomparable Light, the soul of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e is the splendid glow of that light.  Almighty Allah I first Created my Noor (light) and from this Noor He created everything else.


1.5 Sayyiduna Abu Sheikh t narrates the following Hadith from Sayyiduna Akramah t who reports that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah

e has stated:

خلقت الملائكة من نور العزة *

Most certainly, Angels are created from the Divine Noor

(Light) of Allah I.


1.6 It is also narrated by Sayyiduna Yazeed bin Romaan t that he received the following information:

ان الملائكة خلقت من نور الله *

Indeed the Angels are created from Divinely Blessed Light.


I (Imam Ahmad Raza) say that a commentary of Imam Badrudeen Mahmood Ai’nee t of a similar Hadith is found in his book Umdatul Qaari Sharah Sahihul Bukhaari carrying an interesting observation of Sayyiduna Ali t wherein he mentions:


There is an Angel named Rooh, who has seventy thousand heads. Each head has seventy thousand faces, each face contains seventy thousand mouths. Each mouth is made up of seventy thousand tongues and each tongue is blessed with seventy thousand languages.

يسبح الله تعالى بتلك اللغات كلها يخلق من كل تسبيحة ملك يطير مع

  الملائكة الى يوم القيامة

ذكر الامام البدرالدين محمود العينى في عمدة القاري شرح بخاري من كتاب التفسير

و الامام الرازى في ثفسير الكبير

“By means of these languages, this Angel is constantly reciting the Tasbeeh of Almighty Allah I. From each Tasbeeh, one Angel is being created. This Angel soars into the Heavens with the rest of the three Angels until the Day of Judgment”.


(i.e. the number of different languages in which the Angels Glorify Allah I will be 1 680 700 000 000 000 000 000 000) All Praise is due to Allah I Who is Infinite and so are His Attributes and Glory!


1.7 Sayyiduna Tha’alb t has reported a Hadith from Sayyiduna Abdullah ibne Mas’ood t, who mentions that the Beloved Habeeb e has stated:


“There is an Angel named Rooh who is of greater magnitude

than the Heavens and the Earth, as well as the mountains and

 the other Angels.  Its station is the Fourth Sky.

يسبح كل يوم اثنى عشر الف تسبيحة يخلق من كل تسبيحة ملك *

ذكره الامام البغوى في المعالم تحت قوله تعالى يوم يقوم الروح و الملائكة صفا

و الامام العيني في العمدة تحت قوله و يسئلونك عن الروح

Daily, he recites twelve thousand Tasbeehs[5].  From each Tasbeeh, one Angel is created.  On the Day of Judgment, this Angel will form one complete row himself, while the rest of the Angels will form another row.


Referring to this Hadith, several Scholars have made interesting comments.  Imam Al Baghawi t in his book Al-Mua’allim quotes that the verse, Rooh and the other Angels will stand in rows on the Day of Judgment, refers to the above Hadith.  Imam Badrudeen Mehmood Ainee t in his book Umdatul Qaari Sharah Sahihul Bukhaari says that the verse, “And they shall question you regarding Rooh[6] refers to this Hadith.


In the book Mawaahibul Ladunnia, Imam Ibne Hajr Qastalaani t states: “There is a celestial world found in the Heaven (made from water and smoke), wherein are Angels created from water and air.  The leader of these Angels is Ra’ad, who is responsible for the clouds and rain.”


1.8 Sheikh Akbar Muhiyyudeen ibn Arabi t states in his book Al Futuhaate Makkiyya that: “Almighty Allah I first sparked a bright refulgence from light. Then, He created darkness. On the darkness, the image of this light shone, which revealed the Divine Throne.  Then from this light, which was not only the light of the morning, but included the darkness of the night, Almighty Allah I Created those Angels which are found within the precincts of the Divine Throne (Arsh) and the Divine Chair (Kursi).  These Angels also reflect the material of the Divine Chair.”


The above is recorded by Sheikh-e-Akbar in the thirteenth chapter of Futahaate-Makkiyah and also quoted by Imam Abdul-Wah’haab Sharaani in his Al-Yuwaqeet-wal-Jawahir.


1.9 Sayyiduna Abu Saeed t narrates the following Hadith of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e in which he has stated:

ان في الجنة لنهرا  ما يدخله حبرئيل دخلة فخرج فينتقض الا خلق الله من

كل قطرة تقطر منه ملكا *

Verily, there is a river in Heaven, in which whenever Jibra’eel u submerges his wings and shakes it, small droplets of water drip from it.  From each droplet, an Angel is created.


Indeed, one cannot estimate the droplets of water that drips from the wings of Sayyiduna Jibra’eel u.  Why, simply because Sayyiduna Jibra’eel u has six hundred wings and each wing is so huge that when he spreads it, it casts a shadow over the entire sky.


1.10 It has been reported from Sayyiduna ibne Abi Haatim t, Imam Aqueeli t, and Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah t that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

في السماء الرابعة نهر يقال له الحيوان يدخله جبرئيل كل يوم فينغمس فيه انغماسة منه يخرج فينتفض فيه انتفاضة فيخرج عنه سبعون الف قطرة يخلق الله من كل قطرة ملكا هو الذين يؤمرون ان يأتوا البيت المعمور فليصلوا فيفعلون ثم يخرجون فلا يعودون اليه ابدا و لولى عليهم احدهم ثم يؤمر ان يقف بهم في السمآء موقفا يسبحون الله الى ان تقوم الساعة *

و روى ابن منذر نحوه بدون ذكر النهر من طريق صحيحه عن ابي هريرة رضى الله تعالى عنه لكن موقوفا قاله الامام الحافظ ابن حجر و معلوم ان الموقوف كالمرفوع اقول الحديث سقط ما نقل الفاسى عن الولى العراقى ان لم يثبت في ذلك شيئى فقداثبته الحافظ و فوق كل ذى علم عليم   

In the fourth Heaven, there is a river called Haywaan (River of Life).  Each day Jibra’eel u dips in it and shakes his wings letting off seventy thousand drops.  From each of these droplets  Almighty Allah I Creates one Angel.  These Angels are Commanded to perform Salaah in the Baitul Ma’moor[7].  As soon as they perform Salaah, they come out from the Baitul Ma’moor never to return.  One Angel from this group is appointed their leader and he is delegated the duty of taking these Angels to one spot in the Heaven where they will stand reciting the Tasbeeh of Almighty Allah I till the Day of Judgment.


1.11 Imam Ata t, Imam Maqaatil t and Imam Dhahaaq t report a Hadith as narrated by Sayyiduna Abdullah ibne Abbaas t in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

عن يمين العرش نهرا من نور مثل السموات السبع و الارضين السبع و البحار السبع يدخل فيه جبرئيل عليه السلام كل سحر و يغتسل فيه فيزداد نورا الى نوره و جمالا الى جماله ثم ينتفض فيخلق الله تعالى من كل نقطة تقع من ريشه كذا كذا الف ملك تدخل منهم البيت السبعون الفا ثم لا يعودون اليه الى ان تقوم الساعة *

ذكره الامام فخرالدين الرازى في تفسير قوله تعالى و يخلق ما لا تعلمون   

On the right-hand side of the Divine Throne[8] is found a River of Light, which in magnitude is equal to the seven Heavens, the seven crusts of the earth and the seven oceans.  In it Jibra’eel u bathes each morning, whereby his brightness and beauty is constantly increased.  When Jibra’eel u comes out of this water, he flutters his wings.  From each drop that fall from his wings, a thousand Angels are created and from these multitude of Angels seventy thousand are Commanded to enter the Baitul Ma’moor, none of whom will get another chance to enter this illustrious place until the Day of Judgment.

                                                                                                                  In the above Hadith Shareef, Imam Fakrudeen Raazi t has quoted a Hadith in his treatise Tafseer Kabeer in support of the commentary of the verse: “And He creates that which you will not perceive.”


1.12 Imam Abu-Naeem t, Imam Khateem t, Ibne Asakar t and Imam Bay’haqi t narrate in Kitaabur-Roh’ya that Imam ibn Hajr Ali bin Abi Urtahtah t reports a Hadith that has been narrated by several Sahaba, in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

إن الله الملائكة ترعد فرائقهم من مخلفته ما منهم من ملك يقطر من عينه دمعة إلا وقعت ملكا قائما يسبح الحديث *

There are some Angels of  Almighty Allah I whose every limb trembles from the constant fear of Allah I.  Whichever of these Angels sheds a tear, it is immediately transformed into an Angel before that tear can even reach the ground.


1.13 It has been reported that Sayyiduna Abush Shiekh t narrates from Sayyiduna Ka’ab Ahbaar t that:

لا تقطر عين ملك منهم الا كانت ملكا يطير من خشية الله *

Whichever of these Angels sheds a tear, it changes into an Angel and flies away with the Fear of Allah I.


1.14 Imam ibn Bashk’waal   t reports a Hadith from Sayyiduna Anas t, in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

من صلى على تعظيما لحقى خلق الله عز و جل من ذلك القول ملكا له جناح بالمشرق و آخر بالمغرب يقول عز و جل له صل على عبدي كما صل على نب

ي فهو يصلى عليه إلي يوم القيامة *

Whosoever sends a Darood Shareef[9] upon me with the intention of honoring me, Almighty Allah I will transform that Darood Shareef (Salawaat e) into an Angel, whose one wing spreads to the East and one to the West.  Allah I commands this Angel: “O My Angel! Send Darood upon my servant as he has sent Darood upon My Beloved Habeeb e.


In response to this Divine Command, the Angel will continue to send Darood upon the person till the Day of Judgement.  Similarly, my illustrious father, Khaatimul_Muhaqqiqeen Aarife-Billah Moulana Naqi Ali Khan t, in his famous book Al Kalaamul Awdah fi Tafseer-e-Sura Alam Nash’rah reports a Hadith from Imam Sakhaawi t, in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated: “There is one Angel of Almighty Allah I whose one side is in the East and one (side) is in the West.  When anyone sends Darood Shareef upon me out of love and devotion, this Angel dives into the Heavenly water and flutters his wing.  From each drop that falls from his wing, Almighty Allah I Creates one Angel who will be reciting Istigfaar (seeking pardon) for this person until the Day of Judgment.”


1.15 In the book Mawaahibul Ladunnia, it is reported that:

قد روى أن ثم ملائكة يسبحون فيخلق الله بكل تسبيحة ملكا *

There are some Angels who are constantly engaged in reciting the Tasbeeh of Allah I.  For every Tasbeeh they recite, Almighty Allah I Creates one Angel.


1.16 Sheikh-e-Akbar Sayyiduna Muhiyyudeen ibn Arabi t in his famous treatise Al Futuhaatul Makkia states: “Pious deeds and words take the form of an Angel, which elevates the Heaven.”  In his esteemed opinion, this is in accordance with the Divine Verse, which means, “Unto Him soars good words and pious deeds elevate it.”


1.17 Imam Qurtabi t, in his book Tazkirah, narrates on the authority of great Scholars who maintain that, “Angels will

intercede on behalf of the reciter on the Day of Judgement.”


1.18 Imam Aarif Billah Abdul Wahab Sha’raani t states in his famous treatise Meezanush Sharee’atul Kubra that, “Angels are created from the breath of pious people.  Those that are created from the breath of pious women acquire greater beauty and chastity than those created from the breaths of men.”


From the above mentioned eighteen Ahadith and quotations of great Scholars of Islam we can ascertain about the different ways in which Angels are created.  These prove beyond a shadow of doubt that Angels are created daily in large numbers.  Only their Creator and what He has revealed to His beloved servants who know their true numbers.





















hen Imam Waliyudden Iraaqi t was questioned regarding the death of Angels, he replied:

لم يثبت في ذلك شئى ولايجوز الهجوم عليه بمجرد احتمال ولا مجال للنظر فيه و لا دخل القياس

In my opinion, no concrete proof is on hand regarding this matter.  However, mere conjecture in respect of this subject

is unwise, as it leaves no room for mere personal opinions

and conjectures.


Contrary to this belief, the majority of the Ulama of the Ahle Sunnat are of the opinion that Angels are created from light delicate bodies.  It is categorically proven from authentic sources that Angels will experience death without any doubt.  Such a belief is in accordance with the Quranic verse, which proclaims:

كل نفس ذائقة الموت *

Every soul shall taste death.


Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas t states that when the verse,

  كل من عليها فان Everything upon it (earth) shall perishwas revealed, the Angels proclaimed, All dwellers upon the earth will die meaning that they (the Angels) are safe from death.  Yet, when the verse كل نفس ذائقة الموتEvery soul shall taste death” was revealed, they proclaimed, Now, we too will die (Imam Raazi t records this in Mafaatiul Ghaib and Imam Ibne Jareer t narrates this from him.)


Sayyiduna Imam Ibn Jareer t also reports from Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas t who states:

قال وكّل ملك الموت بقبض ارواح المؤمنين و الملائكة *

The Angel of Death is appointed to capture the souls of

Muslims and Angels alike.


Imam Ibe Jareer t, Imam Ibnus-Sheikh t and others also narrate another lenghty Hadith Shareef from Sayyiduna Abu-Hurayra t that the Beloved Prophet of Allah e said:

و آخرهم موتا ملك الموت *

The last Angel to die will be the Angel of Death.


Imam Bay’haqi t and Imam Faryaabi t record that Sayyiduna Anas t has narrated the following detailed Hadith from Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e, which proves comprehensively that Angels too will also experience death.


Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e stated: “When everything will begin to perish only Jibra’eel, Mika’eel, and the Angel of Death will remain.  Then Almighty Allah I will State, ‘O Angel of Death! who else is still spared?’ The reply will be, ‘None but Thy Graceful Self, Who is Eternal, as well as Thy servants Jibra’eel and Mika’eel and the Angel of Death’.


“At this a Divine Command will be issued, ‘Capture the souls of Mika’eel’ at which Mika’eel will fall like a great and mighty Mountain. 



“Once again Allah I, the All-Knowing, will Ask, ‘Who is spared?’ The reply will be, ‘None but Thy Graceful Self, Jibra’eel and the Angel of Death.’ Again the Command will be given, ‘Capture the soul of Jibra’eel’, at which Jibra’eel will flutter his wings, fall into prostration and pass away.


“Finally, when the Angel of Death himself will pass away. The All-Wise, and Great Creator I will Proclaim, ‘In the beginning, I brought the creations into existence and I will once more bring it to life.  Where are those rulers that laid claim to kingship?’ There will be no answer. The Almighty Allah I Himself will Reply, ‘Today, kingship belongs to Allah I Alone, the Sole Controller’.”


From this Hadith we learn that even Allah’s I closest Angels will not live beyond the Day of Judgment.  The crux of the matter is that daily numerous Angels are created, who engage themselves in the constant Tasbeeh of Almighty Allah I and who will live only until the Day of Judgement.  These include Angels, which are created from the recitation of Darood Shareef[10].  In fact, it is not substantiated from any Hadith that Angels will not be subjected to death.  In fact, Sayyiduna ibn Abbaas t makes it clear that before the revelation of the verse, Every soul shall taste death Angels were not aware of themselves experiencing death. 

With regards to the two Angels, Kiraamen Kaatibeen,[11] who accompany every Muslim, Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated: “After the death of the Muslim, they soar to the Heaven and seek permission to live there, but Almighty Allah I turns down their request saying, ‘My Heavens are full of Angels who are constantly engaged in Glorifying Me’.  Then they will implore to live on the earth to which Almighty Allah I will Reply, ‘My creation has filled the earth, constantly glorifying Me.’ Thereafter, Almighty Allah I will Command them to stand at the graveside of the Muslims and the servants of Allah I to recite the Tasbeeh[12] of Allah I, and the Thawaab[13] of which is then bestowed upon the deceased person”.


Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn Abbas t narrates that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

و الملائكة يموتون في الصعقة الاولى و انّ ملك الموت يقبض ارواحهم ثم يموت *

Angels will die at the time when the first Trumpet will be sounded on the Day of Judgement.  The Angel of Death will capture their souls.  Thereafter, the Angel of Death himself will succumb to death.









After the completion of this work, I came across one Fatwa regarding the Angels found in Allama ibn Hajr Maaki’s t Fatawah Hadithiyyah, in which the learned Imam affirms that Angels will experience death when the first Trumpet will be sounded, but the Carriers of the Divine Throne and the four exalted Angels will be the last to pass away.  Regarding the birth of Angels too, he states:

 حيث قال ظاهر السنة ان الملائكة لم يخلقوا دفعتا واحدة *

Angels are not created at one time.

Rather, this is an ongoing process.


Thereafter, Imam  ibn Hajr t has narrated seven Ahadith, five of which I have already mentioned, while the other two are now added to the original eighteen.


1.19 Imam Abush-Sheikh t narrates from Imam Wahab bin Mambah t:

قال الله نهرا في الهواء بسبع الارضين كلها سبع مرات فينزل على ذلك النهر ملك من السمآء فيملؤه و يسد ما بين اطرافه ثم يغتسل منه فاذا خرج منه قطرمنه قطرات من نور فيخلق الله من كل قطرة منها ملكا يسبح الله بجميع تسبيح الخلائق كلهم *

There is a fountain of Allah I found in space, which is so huge that the seven layers of earth can fit into it seven times.  In it, one Angel from Heaven, whose size completely fills the fountain, descends.  He bathes in this fountain and when he emerges from it, drops of light, drip from his wings.  From each droplet, Almighty Allah I creates one Angel who, like

all Angels, constantly engages in the Tasbeeh of

Almighty Allah I.


1.20 He further narrates another Hadith from Sayyiduna Ula bin Haroon t who mentions that Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e stated:

قال جبرئيل كل يوم نغاس في الكوثر ثم ينقض فكل قطرة يخلق منها ملك *

Jibra’eel u daily dives into the Fountain of Kauther and

shakes his wings.  From each droplet, Almighty Allah I

creates one Angel.


By the Grace of the Almighty Allah I and His Beloved Habeeb e, I recall another Hadith on this subject, which can be further included in this list.


In the book Kitaabus Thawaab, Sayyiduna ibn Abid Duniya t and Sayyiduna Abush Shiekh t have recorded a Hadith of Sayyiduna Imam Jafar As-Saadiq t, in which Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e has stated:

ما ادخل الرجل على المؤمن سروراً الا خلق الله عز و جل من ذلك السرور ملك بعبد الله عز و جل و يوحد فاذا صار العبد في قبره اتاه ذلك السرور ، الحديث *

Whosoever makes a Muslim happy, Almighty Allah I will create one Angel out of this happiness who immediately engages himself in the worship of Almighty Allah I and in exalting His Oneness.  When this person passes away and enters the grave, this Angel will appear in front of him and ask, “Do you remember me?  I am the same happiness with which you gladden the heart of a certain Muslim.  Today, I will comfort you in your hour of fear, teach you the answers to the questions that will prove you a Believer and will show you your place in Heaven”.

N.B. The above Hadith Shareef is translated with full explanation for the reader to understand the concept and meaning of the context.


We humbly supplicate in the Court of the Almighty Allah I that this explanation will have taught you about the life and existence of the Angels. Aameen.


In conclusion, Most Exalted is the King of the Mighty Throne, Lord of the Angels, who has distinguished Sayyiduna Muhammadur-Rasoolullah e from the entire creation.  May the Almighty Allah I in His Infinite Mercy bestow the strength upon those who are misled on the straight path and bestow upon those who are on the Straight Path to remain on this path. Ameen Allahuma Ameen.

و صلى الله تعالى عليه و آله و صحبه و بارك وكرم والله سبحانه و تعالى اعلم و علمه جل مجده اتم و احكم *   

 كتبه عبده المذنب احمد رضا البريلوي عفي عنه

بمحمدن المصطفىالنبىالامي صلي الله تعالى عليه و سلّم


Written and Signed by;

The humble servant of Allah I

Ahmed Raza Barellwi

(May the Merciful Lord forgive him)


The ink of a Scholar is more Holier than the blood of a Martyr

(Hadith Shareef)






Promoting the cause of the Ahle Sunnah


The Imam Ahmed Raza Academy is an organisation that was established on the 5th of July 1986 (1406 A.H.) in South Africa with the sole purpose of serving the Muslim community and to provide some form of academic and spiritual direction to the Muslims.


The organisation has been named after the great Muslim scholar and Saint, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Bareilvi t, who lived in India between 1856 and 1921, and was popularly known as "Ala’ Hadrat" in the Islamic world. Ala’ Hadrat Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qaderi t achieved the status of a versatile scholar and obtained a high distinction in over 50 branches of learning. On his visit to Makkatul Mukarramah and Madinatul Munawwarah, Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qaderi t was treated with great dignity and was conferred the title of "Imam-e-Ahle-Sunnat" by eminent Ulema. He was also hailed as the Mujaddid or Revivalist of the Century. He acted as a shield against those who wanted to assault the principles of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah.


As a devout Sufi, Ala’ Hadrat Imam Ahmed Raza t was awarded the Ijaazah and Khilafat (Certificate of Spiritual Successorship) in the Qaaderiya Silsila (Order), as well as in 13 other branches of Sufism. As an author, Imam Ahmed Raza Khan Al-Qaderi t has left to his credit more than a 1 000 books on 50 different subjects ranging from Tafseer, Logic, Grammar, Literature, Islamic Jurisprudence, Education, Sociology, Astronomy, Mathematics, Physics, History, Science of History, Engineering, Biographies, Philosophy, Mysticism to Persian, Arabic, Urdu and Hindi Literature.


We are presently offering a variety of services to the community on a daily basis, from being a center for imparting Islamic education for our children - to issuing Fatawa (Legal Islamic Decrees). At the same time, in the last few years, we have also developed as an organization laying emphasis on the publication of Sunni literature for the community and have thus far to our credit a regular newsletter – “Raza” and numerous titles of authentic Sunni books, and we will,  Insha-Allah, be adding more titles each year. We have already designed a set of madressa textbooks that are being implemented locally and, we are proud to add that these textbooks have gained international repute.


The key aim of the Imam Ahmed Raza Academy is to promote and propagate the teachings of the Ahle Sunnah Wa Jamaah. In order to achieve this key objective we have dedicated ourselves to translate, compile, publish and distribute useful Islamic literature, books, magazines, brochures, periodicals, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. with special reference to the teachings of Ala’Hadrat Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qaderi t and his Successors t In this age of immorality and emergence of corrupted Sects claiming to be the beacons of salvation, it is our responsibility to save our society from such wickedness and adopt the correct perspective of Islam based on the teachings of the Ahle Sunnah. A vital ingredient in this work is the publication of Sunni literature in English – to which we have committed ourselves.


We need your help not only to retain but promote our Ahle Sunnah Aqaa’id at a time when we are surrounded and bombarded by non-Sunni publications, which have corrupted our Aqeeda and have made deep inroads in the minds of the youth. All such activities in Islam that helps in promoting Islam constitute an act of Jihad for which there will be an enormous reward. The celebrated Saint, Hadrat Sheikh Sirri Saqti t said, “That person can never become perfect until he does not give preference to Deen over his personal desires.”


The Imam Ahmed Raza Academy is an organisation that relies solely on the assistance and Wasila of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah r and the Fuyood and Barakaat of the Awliya Allah, and the support of our well-wishers, and our vision for the future and our dedication to the mission of Al’a Hadrat Imam Ahmed Raza Al-Qaderi t has a significant contribution to be made locally and in the world - a world in which, we pray, that Sunni Islam dominates. Insha-Allah!


General Secretary

Yunus Abdul Kareem Al-Qaadiri Radawi











[1] The Divine Pen that records on the Lohe-Mahfooz

[2] Lohe-Mahfooz, the sacred Tablet of Records where every happening from the time of creation till the Day of Judgment is recorded.

[3] The Divine Throne of Allah I

[4] The Kursi, which is mentioned in the famous Ayatul-Kursi.

[5] Glorification of Almighty Allah I

[6] The Soul

[7] The Qibla and place of worship of the Angels in the skies. The Hadith Shareef states that it is situated directly above the Holy Kaaba. Sayyiduna Rasoolullah e led the Salaah with the Angels here in the Night of Meh’raaj.

[8] The sacred Arsh of Allah I

[9] Salaams and Salutations upon the Beloved Rasool e

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