(Revealed at Mecca - contains 60 verses - 3 sections)

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Section 1

[Zariyat 51:1] By oath of those which carry away while dispersing.

[Zariyat 51:2] Then by oath of those which carry the burdens.

[Zariyat 51:3] Then by oath of those which move with ease.

[Zariyat 51:4] Then by oath of those which distribute by the command.

[Zariyat 51:5] Undoubtedly, the promise you are given is surely true.

[Zariyat 51:6] And undoubtedly justice will surely be done.

[Zariyat 51:7] And by oath of the decorated heaven.

[Zariyat 51:8] You are indeed in different opinions regarding this Qur’an.

[Zariyat 51:9] Only those who are destined to revert, are reverted from it.

[Zariyat 51:10] Slain be those who mould from their imaginations.

[Zariyat 51:11] Those who have forgotten in a state of intoxication.

[Zariyat 51:12] They ask, “When will be the Day of Judgement?”

[Zariyat 51:13] It will be on the day when they will be roasted in the fire.

[Zariyat 51:14] And it will be said to them, “Taste your own roasting; this is what you were impatient for.”

[Zariyat 51:15] Indeed the pious are among Gardens and water springs.

[Zariyat 51:16] Accepting the rewards given by their Lord; they were indeed virtuous before this.

[Zariyat 51:17] They used to sleep only a little during the night.

[Zariyat 51:18] And used to seek forgiveness before dawn.

[Zariyat 51:19] And the beggar and the destitute had a share in their wealth.

[Zariyat 51:20] And in the earth are signs for those who are certain.

[Zariyat 51:21] And in your own selves; so can you not perceive?

[Zariyat 51:22] And in the heaven lies your sustenance, and the promise you are given.

[Zariyat 51:23] So by oath of the Lord of the heavens and the earth, this Qur’an is the Truth, in the same language that you speak.

Section 2

[Zariyat 51:24] Did the news of Ibrahim’s honourable guests reach you (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him)?

[Zariyat 51:25] When they came to him and said, “Peace”; he answered, “Peace”; and thought, “These people are not familiar.”

[Zariyat 51:26] Then he went to his home - so he brought a healthy calf.

[Zariyat 51:27] He then presented it before them and said, “Do you not eat?”

[Zariyat 51:28] He therefore inwardly sensed fear of them; they said, “Do not fear!”; and they gave him the glad tidings of a knowledgeable son.

[Zariyat 51:29] So his wife came screaming, and striking her forehead cried, “What! For a barren old woman?”

[Zariyat 51:30] They said, “This is how your Lord has decreed; indeed He only is the Wise, the All Knowing.”


[Zariyat 51:31] Said Ibrahim, “What is your task, O the sent angels?”

[Zariyat 51:32] They said, “We have been sent towards a guilty nation.”

[Zariyat 51:33] “To throw upon them stones of baked clay.”

[Zariyat 51:34] “That are kept marked, with your Lord, for the transgressors.”

[Zariyat 51:35] So We removed the people who had faith, from that town.

[Zariyat 51:36] We therefore found just one house over there that was Muslim.

[Zariyat 51:37] And We kept a sign remaining in it, for those who fear the painful punishment.

[Zariyat 51:38] And in Moosa, when We sent him with a clear proof towards Firaun.

[Zariyat 51:39] In response, he turned away along with his army and said, “He is a magician or a madman.”

[Zariyat 51:40] We therefore seized him and his army and threw them into the sea, while he was blaming himself.

[Zariyat 51:41] And in the tribe of A’ad, when we sent a dry windstorm upon them.

[Zariyat 51:42] It left out nothing in its path, but which it split up into fragments.

[Zariyat 51:43] And in the tribe of Thamud when it was told to them, “Enjoy for a while.”

[Zariyat 51:44] In response they rebelled against their Lord’s command, so the thunderbolt seized them whilst they were watching.

[Zariyat 51:45] So they were neither able to stand up, nor were they able to take revenge.

[Zariyat 51:46] And before them, We destroyed the people of Nooh; they were indeed a sinning nation.

Section 3

[Zariyat 51:47] And We have built the heaven with Hands (the Divine Power), and it is We Who give the expanse.

[Zariyat 51:48] And We made the earth a base, so how well do We lay out!

[Zariyat 51:49] And We created all things in pairs, so that you may ponder.

[Zariyat 51:50] “Therefore rush towards Allah; indeed I am from Him, a clear Herald of Warning towards you.”

[Zariyat 51:51] “And do not appoint other deities along with Allah; indeed I am from Him, a clear Herald of Warning towards you.”

[Zariyat 51:52] Similarly, whenever a Noble Messenger came to those before them they always said, “He is a magician or a madman.”

[Zariyat 51:53] What! Have they willed this utterance to one another? In fact they are a rebellious people.

[Zariyat 51:54] Therefore turn away from them (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), - so there is no blame upon you.

[Zariyat 51:55] And advise, for advice benefits the Muslims.

[Zariyat 51:56] And I created the jinns and men, only for them to worship Me.

[Zariyat 51:57] I do not ask any sustenance from them, nor wish that they give Me food.

[Zariyat 51:58] Indeed it is Allah, Who is the Greatest Sustainer, the Strong, the Able.

[Zariyat 51:59] And indeed for these unjust is also a turn of punishment, like that of their companions - so they must not ask Me to hasten.

[Zariyat 51:60] So ruin is for disbelievers, from their day - which they are promised.


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