(Revealed at Mecca - contains 30 verses - 2 sections)

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Section 1

[Mulk 67:1] Most Auspicious is He in Whose control is the entire kingship; and He is Able to do all things.

[Mulk 67:2] The One Who created life and death to test you, who among you has the better deeds; and He only is the Most Honourable, the Oft Forgiving.

[Mulk 67:3] The One Who created the seven heavens atop each other; do you see any discrepancy in the creation of the Most Gracious? Therefore lift your gaze – do you see any cracks?

[Mulk 67:4] Then lift your gaze again, your gaze will return towards you, unsuccessful and weak.

[Mulk 67:5] And indeed We have beautified the lower heaven with lamps, and have made them weapons against the devils, and have kept prepared for them the punishment of the blazing fire.

[Mulk 67:6] And for those who disbelieved in their Lord, is the punishment of hell; and what a wretched outcome!

[Mulk 67:7] They will hear it hissing when they will be thrown into it, and it is boiling.

[Mulk 67:8] As if about to explode with rage; whenever a group is thrown into it, the guardians of hell will ask them, “Did not a Herald of Warning come to you?”

[Mulk 67:9] They will say, “Yes, why not – indeed a Herald of Warning did come to us – in response we denied and said ‘Allah has not sent down anything – you are not except in a great error’.”

[Mulk 67:10] And they will say, “Had we listened or understood, we would not have been among the people of hell.”

[Mulk 67:11] So now they admit their sins! Therefore accursed be the people of hell!

[Mulk 67:12] Indeed for those who fear their Lord without seeing is forgiveness, and a great reward.

[Mulk 67:13] And whether you speak softly or proclaim it aloud; He indeed knows what lies within the hearts!

[Mulk 67:14] What! Will He Who has created not know? Whereas He knows every detail, the All Aware!

Section 2

[Mulk 67:15] It is He Who subjected the earth for you, therefore tread its paths and eat from Allah’s sustenance; and towards Him is the resurrection.

[Mulk 67:16] Have you become unafraid of the One Who controls the heavens, that He will not cause you to sink into the earth when it trembles?

[Mulk 67:17] Or have you become unafraid of the One Who controls the heavens, that He will not send a torrent of stones upon you? So now you will realise, how My warning turned out!

[Mulk 67:18] And indeed those before them had denied – therefore how did My rejection turn out!

[Mulk 67:19] And did they not see the birds above them, spreading and closing their wings? None except the Most Gracious holds them up; indeed He sees all things.

[Mulk 67:20] Or which army do you have that will help you against the Most Gracious? The disbelievers are in nothing except an illusion.

[Mulk 67:21] Or who is such that will give you sustenance if Allah stops His sustenance? In fact they persist in rebellion and hatred.

[Mulk 67:22] So is one who walks inverted upon his face more rightly guided, or one who walks upright on the Straight Path?

[Mulk 67:23] Proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “It is He Who created you, and made ears and eyes and hearts for you; very little thanks do you offer!”

[Mulk 67:24] Say, “It is He Who has spread you out in the earth, and towards Him you will be raised.”

[Mulk 67:25] And they say, “When will this promise come, if you are truthful?”

[Mulk 67:26] Proclaim, “Surely Allah has its knowledge; and I am only a Herald of plain warning.”

[Mulk 67:27] So when they will see it close, the faces of the disbelievers will become ghastly, and it will be declared, “This is what you were demanding.”

[Mulk 67:28] Say (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “What is your opinion –Allah may either destroy me and those with me, or have mercy on us – so who is such that will protect the disbelievers from the painful punishment?”

[Mulk 67:29] Proclaim, “He only is the Most Gracious – we have accepted faith in Him and have relied only upon Him; so you will now realise who is in an open error.”

[Mulk 67:30] Say, “What is your opinion - if in the morning all your water were to sink into the earth, then who is such who can bring you water flowing before you?”


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