(Revealed at Mecca - contains 28 verses - 2 sections)

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Section 1

[Nooh 71:1] Indeed We sent Nooh towards his people saying that, “Warn your people before the painful punishment comes upon them.”

[Nooh 71:2] He said, “O my people! I am indeed a Herald of clear warnings to you.”

[Nooh 71:3] “That you must worship Allah and fear Him, and obey me.”

[Nooh 71:4] “He will forgive you some of your sins, and give you respite up to an appointed term; indeed the promise of Allah cannot be averted when it arrives; if only you knew.”

[Nooh 71:5] He said, “My Lord! I invited my people night and day.”

[Nooh 71:6] “So for them, my calling them increased their fleeing away.”

[Nooh 71:7] “And whenever I called them, so that You may forgive them, they always thrust their fingers into their ears, and covered themselves with their clothes, and remained stubborn and were extremely haughty.”

[Nooh 71:8] “I then called them openly.”

[Nooh 71:9] “Then I also told them publicly and also spoke to them softly in private.”

[Nooh 71:10] “I therefore told them, ‘Seek forgiveness from your Lord; He is indeed Most Forgiving.’

[Nooh 71:11] ‘He will send down abundant rain for you from the sky.’

[Nooh 71:12] ‘And will aid you with wealth and sons, and will create gardens for you and cause rivers to flow for you.’

[Nooh 71:13] ‘What is the matter with you, that you do not desire honour from Allah?’

[Nooh 71:14] ‘Whereas it is He Who created you in different stages?’

[Nooh 71:15] ‘Do you not see how Allah has created the seven heavens atop each other?’

[Nooh 71:16] ‘And in them, has illuminated the moon, and made the sun a lamp?’

[Nooh 71:17] ‘And it is Allah Who made you grow like vegetation from the earth.’

[Nooh 71:18] ‘And He will then take you back to it, and again remove you from it.”

[Nooh 71:19] ‘And it is Allah Who made the earth a bed for you.’

[Nooh 71:20] ‘So that you may tread the wide roads in it.’ ”

Section 2

[Nooh 71:21] Prayed Nooh, “O my Lord! They have disobeyed me, and they follow the one whose wealth and children increase nothing for him except ruin.”

[Nooh 71:22] “And they carried out a very sinister scheme.”

[Nooh 71:23] “And they said, ‘Do not ever abandon your Gods – and never abandon Wadd, or Suwa - or Yaghuth or Yauq or Nasr.’ ”

[Nooh 71:24] “And they have misled a large number; and (I pray that) You increase nothing for the unjust except error.”

[Nooh 71:25] Because of their sins they were drowned and then put into the fire; so they did not find any supporter for themselves against Allah. (Punishment in the grave is proven by this verse.)

[Nooh 71:26] And prayed Nooh, “O my Lord! Do not leave any of the disbelievers dwelling in the land.”

[Nooh 71:27] “Indeed, if You spare them, they will mislead your bondmen and their descendants if any will be none except the wicked, very ungrateful.”

[Nooh 71:28] “O my Lord! Forgive me, and my parents, and the believers who are in my house, and all other Muslim men and Muslim women; and do not increase anything for the unjust except ruin.”


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