(Revealed at Medinah - contains 31 verses - 2 sections)

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Section 1

[Dahr 76:1] Indeed there has been a time for man, when even his name did not exist anywhere.

[Dahr 76:2] Indeed We have created man from mixed semen; in order to test him – We therefore made him hearing, knowing.

[Dahr 76:3] We have indeed shown him the way - whether he is grateful or ingrate.

[Dahr 76:4] We have indeed kept prepared chains, and shackles and a blazing fire for the disbelievers.

[Dahr 76:5] Indeed the virtuous will drink from a cup, containing a mixture of Kafoor.

[Dahr 76:6] The Kafoor is a spring, from which the chosen bondmen of Allah will drink, causing it to flow wherever they wish inside their palaces.

[Dahr 76:7] They fulfil their pledges, and fear a day the evil of which is widespread.

[Dahr 76:8] And out of His love, they give food to the needy, the orphan and the prisoner.

[Dahr 76:9] They say to them, “We give you food, only for the sake of Allah - we do not seek any reward or thanks from you.”

[Dahr 76:10] “Indeed we fear from our Lord a day which is extremely bitter, most severe.”

[Dahr 76:11] So Allah saved them from the evil of that day, and gave them freshness and joy.

[Dahr 76:12] And gave them Paradise and silk clothes, as a reward for their patience.

[Dahr 76:13] Reclining in it, upon thrones; they will not see the hot sunshine in it, nor the bitter cold.

[Dahr 76:14] And its shade will cover them, and its fruit clusters brought down low for them.

[Dahr 76:15] Rounds of silver cups and silver beakers, looking like glass, will be presented upon them.

[Dahr 76:16] Glass made from silver, which the servers have filled up to the measure.

[Dahr 76:17] And in Paradise they will be given to drink cups, filled with a mixture of ginger.

[Dahr 76:18] Which is a spring in Paradise called Salsabeel.

[Dahr 76:19] Immortal youths shall surround them, waiting upon them; when you see them, you would think they are scattered pearls.

[Dahr 76:20] And when you look towards it, you will see serenity and a great kingdom.

[Dahr 76:21] In it they adorn clothes of fine green silk and gold embroidery; and they are given silver bracelets to wear; and their Lord gave them a pure wine to drink.

[Dahr 76:22] It will be said to them, “This is your reward – indeed your efforts have been appreciated.”

Section 2

[Dahr 76:23] Indeed We have sent down the Qur’an upon you, in stages.

[Dahr 76:24] Therefore stay patient upon your Lord’s command, and do not listen to any of the sinners or ingrates among them.

[Dahr 76:25] And remember the name of your Lord morning and evening.

[Dahr 76:26] And prostrate for Him in a part of the night, and proclaim His purity into the long night.

[Dahr 76:27] Indeed these people love what they have, the fleeting one, and have forsaken the immensely important day behind them.

[Dahr 76:28] It is We Who created them, and strengthened their skeleton; and We can replace them with others like them, whenever We will.

[Dahr 76:29] This is indeed an advice; so whoever wishes may take the path towards his Lord.

[Dahr 76:30] And what will you wish, except if Allah wills; indeed Allah is All Knowing, Wise.

[Dahr 76:31] He admits into His mercy, whomever He wills; and for the unjust He has kept prepared a painful punishment.


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