(Revealed at Mecca - contains 40 verses - 2 sections)

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Section 1

[Naba 78:1] What are they questioning each other about?

[Naba 78:2] About the great tidings!

[Naba 78:3] Regarding which they hold different views.

[Naba 78:4] Surely yes, they will soon come to know!

[Naba 78:5] Again surely yes, they will soon come to know!

[Naba 78:6] Did We not make the earth a bed?

[Naba 78:7] And the mountains as pegs?

[Naba 78:8] And it is We who created you in pairs.

[Naba 78:9] And made your sleep a rest.

[Naba 78:10] And made the night a cover.

[Naba 78:11] And made the day for seeking livelihood.

[Naba 78:12] And built seven strong roofs above you.

[Naba 78:13] And have kept a very bright lamp in it.

[Naba 78:14] And then sent down hard rain from the water bearing clouds.

[Naba 78:15] In order to produce grain and plants with it.

[Naba 78:16] And dense gardens.

[Naba 78:17] Indeed the Day of Decision is a time fixed.

[Naba 78:18] The day when the Trumpet will be blown – you will therefore come forth in multitudes.

[Naba 78:19] And the heaven will be opened - it therefore becomes like gates.

[Naba 78:20] And the mountains will be moved - they will therefore become like mirages.

[Naba 78:21] Indeed hell is lying in ambush.

[Naba 78:22] The destination of the rebellious.

[Naba 78:23] They will remain in it for ages.

[Naba 78:24] They will neither taste anything cool in it, nor anything to drink.

[Naba 78:25] Except hot boiling water and hot pus discharged from the people of hell.

[Naba 78:26] The reward to each is according to what he is.

[Naba 78:27] Indeed they had no fear of the account.

[Naba 78:28] And they denied Our signs to the extreme.

[Naba 78:29] And We have kept recorded everything in a Book, accounted for.

[Naba 78:30] Therefore taste it now – We shall not increase anything for you except the punishment.

[Naba 78:31] Indeed the place of success is for the pious.

[Naba 78:32] Gardens and grapes.

Section 2

[Naba 78:33] And maidens of a single age.

[Naba 78:34] And an overflowing cup.

[Naba 78:35] In which they shall neither hear lewd talk, nor any lie.

[Naba 78:36] A reward from your Lord - a grossly sufficient bestowal.

[Naba 78:37] Lord of the heavens and the earth, and all whatever is between them - the Most Gracious - with Whom no one will have the right to talk.

[Naba 78:38] The day when Jibreel and all the angels will stand in rows; none will be able to speak except one whom the Most Gracious commands and who spoke rightly. (Prophet Mohammed – peace and blessings be upon him – will be the first to be granted permission to intercede.)

[Naba 78:39] That is the True Day; therefore whoever wills may take the path towards his Lord.

[Naba 78:40] We warn you of a punishment that has come near; a day on which man will see what his own hands have sent ahead, and the disbeliever will say, “Alas – if only I were dust!”


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