(Revealed at Mecca - contains 30 verses - 1 section)

Allah - beginning with the name of - the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful

Section 1

[Fajr 89:1] By oath of the (particular) dawn.

[Fajr 89:2] And by oath of ten nights.

[Fajr 89:3] And by oath of the even and the odd.

[Fajr 89:4] And by oath of the night when it recedes

[Fajr 89:5] Why is there an oath in this, for the intelligent?

[Fajr 89:6] Did you not see how did your Lord deal with (the tribe of) Aad?

[Fajr 89:7] (And) the tall giants of Iram?

[Fajr 89:8] Like whom no one else was born in the cities.

[Fajr 89:9] And the tribe of Thamud, who hewed rocks in the valley.

[Fajr 89:10] And with Firaun, who used to crucify.

[Fajr 89:11] Those who rebelled in the cities,

[Fajr 89:12] And who then spread a lot of turmoil in them.

[Fajr 89:13] Therefore your Lord struck them hard with the means of punishment.

[Fajr 89:14] Indeed nothing is hidden from the sight of your Lord.

[Fajr 89:15] So man, whenever his Lord tests him by giving him honour and favours – thereupon he says, “My Lord has honoured me.”

[Fajr 89:16] And if He tests him and restricts his livelihood – thereupon he says, “My Lord has degraded me!”

[Fajr 89:17] Not at all – but rather you do not honour the orphan.

[Fajr 89:18] And do not urge one another to feed the needy.

[Fajr 89:19] And you readily devour the inheritance with greed.

[Fajr 89:20] And you harbour intense love for wealth.

[Fajr 89:21] Most certainly - when the earth is smashed and blown to bits.

[Fajr 89:22] And when the command of your Lord comes – and the angels row by row,

[Fajr 89:23] And when hell is brought that day – on that day will man reflect, but where is the time now to think?

[Fajr 89:24] He will say, “Alas – if only I had sent some good deeds ahead, during my lifetime!”

[Fajr 89:25] So on that day, no one punishes like He does!

[Fajr 89:26] And no one binds like He does!

[Fajr 89:27] O the contented soul!

[Fajr 89:28] Return towards your Lord – you being pleased with Him, and He pleased with you!

[Fajr 89:29] Then enter the ranks of My chosen bondmen!

[Fajr 89:30] And come into My Paradise!


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